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Zwitscherbox Oceanbox - Classic White Waves Sound

Zwitscherbox Oceanbox - Classic White Waves Sound

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Relax and Recharge with Oceanbox: Natural Ocean Sounds for Serenity

Escape to a calming beach scene anytime with Zwitscherbox oceanbox in classic white design. Motion activated natural ocean sounds and seagull calls create a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, or sleep. This oceanbox adds a touch of nature's beauty to any space. Rechargeable and portable, enjoy ocean serenity anywhere.

Technical Specifications:

  • Body: Plastic
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable (Micro-USB cable included)
  • Sound: Wave Atmosphere
  • Sound Duration: 2 x 100 seconds
  • Technology: Motion sensor 

Immerse Yourself in the Tranquil Sounds of the Ocean:

Imagine yourself on a secluded beach, the gentle rhythm of waves lapping at the shore, the distant calls of seagulls adding to the tranquil atmosphere. Oceanbox recreates this idyllic soundscape with stunning clarity, fostering a sense of calm and focus for:

  • Meditation & Relaxation Sessions: Enhance your practice and promote deeper sleep.
  • Spa like Atmosphere: Create a calming ambience for at home relaxation rituals.

More Than Just Relaxation:

Oceanbox makes a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking a touch of serenity:

  • Ideal for Men & Women: Perfect for those who appreciate mindfulness and self-care.
  • Thoughtful Present: Suitable for birthdays, holidays, or "just because."
  • Calming Atmosphere: Creates a tranquil environment in any room.


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