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Beyond Beauty, Lies Heart and Soul:

Ever wonder what whispers through the threads of an intricately woven rug? or the story behind the vibrant brand colors in a hand painted ceramic? 

hand painted artisan made ethically sourced and fair trade mug

Beyond the beautiful objects, there are hearts and hands. Traditions passed down through generations, whispering stories waiting to be discovered. Welcome to the world where craftsmanship transcends mere products. Here, you will meet the artisans, the story tellers who breathe life into each creation. The lives and skills that shape each unique piece. 

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Welcome to a World Where Craftsmanship Transcends:

Discover the stories behind the art, the ethical practices that empower communities, and the sustainable choices that make a difference. Dive into a world of artistry, ethics and impact. Imagine..

  • The hands that weave intricate patterns, whispering tales of cultural heritage passed down through generations.
  • The artist who breathes life into discarded materials, giving them a second chance to shine.
  • The passionate creator who fuels their art with a mission, empowering communities and preserving traditions.

At Ethimaart, our diverse range of products reflects this very essence, with some pieces ethically sourced directly from talented artisans and others meticulously selected from ethical and fair trade certified suppliers.

While the sheer number of artisans across countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Bangladesh etc makes it impossible to introduce each one individually. Their stories share a beautiful common thread. They are narratives woven with cultural heritage, sustainable practices, and a deep love for their craft.

Ready to meet the magic-makers?

Today, we journey alongside Heera, the vibrant thread weaver, Rukhsar, the applique artist who empowers, and Ghulam Nabi, the keeper of ancient dyes. Let their stories inspire you and their creations touch your soul. Each a master of their craft, they weave tales of tradition, sustainability, and community. Dive into their stories and unlock the true meaning of ethical artistry. 

1. Rukhsar: The Applique Artist Empowering Her Family and Community:

Rukhsar's applique work tells a story of resilience, family, and empowerment. She is a talented artisan whose love for her craft goes beyond just making a living. With her four daughters by her side, her home has become a hub of creativity and empowerment. Not only do her daughters learn the art of applique, but they also help support their education by contributing to the family's work. This teamwork not only hones their artistic skills but also teaches them independence and gives them hope for a better future.

Even though Rukhsar works hard in the fields to provide for her family, her passion for applique remains strong. It's been a source of joy and purpose for her since she was a child. Rukhsar's story is truly inspiring because it shows how crafts can bring communities together, empower individuals, and connect generations.

When you support artisans like Rukhsar, you're not just buying a product – you're joining a movement. A movement that promotes sustainable practices, preserves culture, and helps build brighter futures for everyone involved.


 2. Hura: Weaving Tradition and Empowerment with Applique Work

Hura's journey transcends mere artistry. Partnering with our esteemed organization, Sartyoon, has unlocked new possibilities for her and her community. Sartyoon's dedication to empowering artisans extends beyond providing fair wages and access to markets. They equip Hura and her colleagues with invaluable skills like financial literacy, income management, and regular vocational training. This holistic approach empowers them to not only thrive in the world of craftsmanship but also manage their finances effectively, leading to self-sufficiency and stability.

Hura's story exemplifies the profound impact of ethical partnerships. Witnessing her joy as she shares how these initiatives have helped her run her home is a testament to the transformative power of collaborative efforts. By supporting Hura and artisans like her, you become part of a movement that fosters not just beautiful creations but also empowers communities and paves the way for brighter futures.


3. Ghulam Nabi: Keeper of Ancient Dyes, Empowering Generations

Dyeing is more than just Ghulam Nabi's profession; it's a legacy. Since childhood, he has followed in the footsteps of his father and forefathers, carrying the torch of this sustainable and vibrant craft. This unique heritage not only empowers him economically but also allows him to work from home, fostering a close-knit family where everyone contributes when needed.


Ghulam Nabi's success is a testament to the value of his craft. He expresses his gratitude for the comfortable life he has been able to provide for his family through his earnings. The video delves into the fascinating world of natural dyes, revealing how he extracts stunning colors from humble herbs and plants like eucalyptus, pomegranate, and madder. Each hue whispers a story of the earth's bounty and Ghulam Nabi's deep understanding of nature's palette.

But Ghulam Nabi isn't just an artist; he's a mentor. Witness the hope in his eyes as he speaks about the younger generation learning this valuable skill. He sees not just students, but future custodians of tradition, ensuring this ancient art continues to thrive.

Ghulam Nabi's story is an invitation to connect with the past, appreciate sustainable practices, and celebrate cultural heritage. By supporting him and artisans like him, you contribute to preserving a time-honored tradition and empowering future generations.

Hura, Rukhsar, and Ghulam Nabi are just a glimpse into the tapestry of talented artisans whose stories enrich Ethimaart. Visit our Ethical Standards page to discover more about our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

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  • ethimaart gifts are ethical and fair trade and support artisans

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    Our products are sourced from suppliers who prioritize ethical practices and transparency throughout their supply chain. Our suppliers are committed to fair trade principles and ensures that their artisans are paid fairly for their craftsmanship.

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Celebrating the Craftsmanship Behind Ethimaart

At Ethimaart, we deeply value the skilled artisans and producers who bring our products to life. Through our partnership with our suppliers, we have the privilege of supporting small artisanal communities and women-owned businesses in developing countries.

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Our Commitment to Social Impact

At Ethimaart, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on both local and global communities. Through our partnerships and product offerings, we support causes that align with our values of compassion, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Direct Support:

Imran Khan Cancer Hospital In Pakistan:

A percentage of our proceeds goes towards supporting the Imran Khan Cancer Hospital, providing vital healthcare services to those in need.

Empowering Artisanal Communities:

We prioritize sourcing from small artisanal communities in developing countries, empowering them with sustainable livelihoods and economic opportunities.

Indirect Support:

While our direct support is focused on the Imran Khan Cancer Hospital and artisanal communities, many of the products we sell from our partners also contribute to meaningful causes:

1% for the Planet:

Some of our partner products contribute to environmental initiatives through the 1% for the Planet program, supporting organizations working towards a healthier planet.

Child Rescue Nepal:

Additionally, purchases of certain products indirectly support Child Rescue Nepal, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating trafficked children.

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Join Us in Making a Difference:

By choosing Ethimaart, you're not only purchasing ethically sourced products but also supporting causes that matter. Together, we can create a positive impact on communities and the planet.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of our journey towards a better world.

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