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Zwitscherbox Relaxound - Cherry Blossom 'Bird Sound'

Zwitscherbox Relaxound - Cherry Blossom 'Bird Sound'

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The Zwitscherbox: Refreshing like a walk

Our Relaxound Zwitscherbox gives you precious moments of relaxation. Soothing nature sounds let you stroll through a morning forest: The cheerful chirping of blackbirds and other songbirds is immediately calming. You feel your head and body intuitively relax and become free.

You activate the nature sounds as you pass by; if no new impulse follows, they fade out after two minutes. Whether in the entrance, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, hallway, balcony or office: you can place your Zwitscherbox anywhere or simply hang it on the wall. Thanks to the economical battery operation, you are independent of the mains.

Model: Relaxound Zwitscherbox, “Cherry Blossom” design

Body: white

Sounds: birdsong of the blackbird

Sound length: 2 minutes

Technics: activated by a motion sensor (reacts to changes in light)

Battery: 3 AA batteries included

Materials: surface: plexiglas, body: plastic

Dimensions: width 110 x height 145 x depth 35 mm

Weight: 262 g

Ideal for: bathroom, guest room, entrance, corridor, office


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