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Small 7 Chakras Incense Stick Burner - Hand Carved (7 cm)

Small 7 Chakras Incense Stick Burner - Hand Carved (7 cm)

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(Price mentioned is for each burner)

Cultivate Balance with These Exquisite Hand Carved 7 Chakra Incense Stick Burners 

Enhance your meditation practice and cultivate inner peace with these captivating hand carved soapstone incense burners. Each burner represents one of the seven chakras, the body's energy centers, adorned with its corresponding color for a visually stimulating experience.

  • Material: Hand Carved Soapstone
  • Size: 7 cm diameter x 1 cm height
  • Origin: Handmade in India

Embrace the Power of Each Chakra:

  • Purple: Spirituality Burner - Deepen your connection to the universe.
  • Turquoise Blue: Awareness Burner - Enhance your focus and intuition.
  • Blue: Communication Burner - Foster clear and confident expression.
  • Green: Love/Healing Burner - Promote feelings of love, compassion, and well-being.
  • Yellow: Wisdom/Power Burner - Ignite your inner strength and intellectual clarity.
  • Orange: Sexuality/Creativity Burner - Spark your creativity and embrace your sensuality.
  • Red: Trust Burner - Cultivate a sense of security and stability.

Soapstone: A Natural Choice for Tranquility:

Sourced from Agra, India, renowned for its hand crafted stoneware, our soapstone is meticulously carved using centuries old techniques evident in the Taj Mahal's intricate stonework. These burners not only offer stunning aesthetics but also provide a naturally heat resistant surface for your incense, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Why Choose These Chakra Incense Burners?

  • Unique and Meaningful: Each burner represents a specific chakra, adding a deeper dimension to your meditation practice.
  • Handcrafted Beauty: These incense holders are meticulously carved by skilled artisans in India.
  • Natural Soapstone: Offers superior heat retention and a beautiful, smooth finish.
  • Compact Size: Perfect for any meditation space, large or small.
  • Ideal Gift: Makes a thoughtful and unique present for yoga enthusiasts, meditation practitioners, or anyone seeking spiritual growth.


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