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Amazing Gifts For The Yoga Lover In Your Life


This holiday season, explore the spirit of mindfulness and conscious gifting with our selection of amazing presents for yoga enthusiasts. Discover perfect gifts that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, designed to elevate their yoga journey and nurture their spirits.
In a world filled with generic gift options, finding something truly meaningful can be a challenge. The good news is that we've carefully handpicked eight gifts that not only resonate with yoga lovers but also promote well-being and serenity. Dive into the art of mindful gifting with us this Christmas.

The Gift List:

1. Chakra Incense Holder: Channeling Energy and Beauty

ceramic chakra incense holder for yoga gift lover

  • Description:

    Immerse yourself in the artistry of handcrafted soapstone incense stick holders from India. Each holder is a masterpiece of artisan skill, intricately adorned with the seven chakra symbols.

  • Why It's Special:

    These holders are more than decorative; they channel the energy centers of the human body while beautifully diffusing your favorite incense.

 2. Incense Gift Set: A Gesture of Mindfulness

incense gift set including elephant tealight holder incense cones and incense sticks

  • Description:

    Share the gift of soothing fragrances with our mixed fragrance incense gift set. Paired with a charming ceramic heart holder and an adorable ceramic elephant with a flower tealight.

  • Why It's Special:

    It's a wonderful gesture of mindfulness and relaxation.

3. Tibetan Singing Bowl: Harmony for Body, Mind, and Soul

Tibetan singing bowl for yoga and meditation

  • Description:

    Delve into the world of meditation and healing with our Tibetan singing bowl, a heartfelt gift that restores harmony to the body, mind, and soul.

  • Why It's Special:

    A truly wonderful and thoughtful present that has been used for centuries. 

4. Elephant Ceramic Oil Burner: Sustainable Elegance

ceramic elephant oil burner in multiple color

  • Description:

    Elevate their space with our vibrant elephant design ceramic oil burner, available in various colors. Each one is a decorative masterpiece handmade in Thailand, reflecting a commitment to FairTrade and sustainability.

  • Why It's Special:

    A beautiful and sustainable choice for elevating the atmosphere.

    5. Chakra Notebooks: Inspire Creativity and Mindfulnesschakra notebook yoga journal with handmade paper

  • Description:

    Nurture creativity and mindfulness with our fabric-covered notebooks depicting the seven chakras and their corresponding colors.

  • Why It's Special:

    These notebooks feature quality handmade eco-friendly paper and a gold tie closure, making for an elegant and conscious gift choice.    

6. Tree of Life Windchime: Symbol of Positivity

chakra wall hanging windchime tree of life

  • Description:

    Ideal as a gift or to brighten any area, this Tree of Life decor is colorful and vibrant, showcasing artisan craftsmanship beautifully.

  • Why It's Special:

    Often viewed as a symbol of strength, growth, and positive energy.    

  7. Tree Of Life Tapestry: A Symbol of Connectivity

elephant tree of life wall hanging tapestry

  • Description:

    Explore the concept of the Tree of Life with a tie-dyed silk screen printed throw, hand-painted in brilliant colors. These wonderful throws also make stunning wallhangings. Hand painting adds an extra appeal of depth and detail to these traditional prints.

  • Why It's Special:

    This tapestry serves as a powerful symbol of connectivity, adding a unique and vibrant aesthetic to your space.

  8. Chakra Capiz Shell With Red Tassels: A Meditation Mark

Chakra symbols capiz shell wall hanging string wind chime with tussels

  • Description:

    Display the seven chakra symbols on a capiz shell disc in matching beads, ideal for marking a meditation space or decorating a window or wall.

  • Why It's Special:

    This decoration is both a visual representation of the chakras and a beautiful addition to your meditation space, adding an aesthetic touch to mindfulness.


This holiday season, make your gift-giving experience both meaningful and memorable. These handpicked yoga-inspired gifts not only celebrate the yoga enthusiast in your life but also promote mindfulness and well-being. Which of these gift ideas resonates with you the most? Are there any other unique yoga gifts that you love? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.
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