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Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas From Daughters 2024

Father's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor the amazing dads who have made a significant impact in our lives. For daughters, this day presents a special opportunity to express their love and appreciation through thoughtful and meaningful gifts. But finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially for dads who seem to have everything. 

At Ethimaart, we offer a variety of unique, ethical, and sustainable gifts that are perfect for showing your dad just how much he means to you. This guide aims to help you discover the perfect gift for your father, even if he seems to have everything. From unique and sustainable options to personalised and practical presents, we've got you covered. 

Discovering the Popular Father’s Day Gift

When considering what to buy for a dad who has everything, it's essential to blend thoughtfulness with practicality and sustainability. Here are some top picks from Ethimaart:

Zwitscherbox Ocean Box - Nature Sound:

When thinking about what to buy Dad who has everything, consider gifts that blend thoughtfulness with practicality and sustainability. A Zwitscherbox Relaxound Ocean Box, for example, brings the soothing sounds of nature indoors, creating a relaxing environment that any dad would appreciate. Ideal for the sports enthusiast who seeks relaxation after a game or during downtime, this innovative sound box brings the soothing sounds of the sea into your living space.

Activate the Zwitscherbox Ocean Box with a simple pass by motion. The sound box plays two different 100 second wave soundscapes, complete with the calming rhythm of waves and the distant calls of seagulls. This auditory experience helps you intuitively relax, providing a feeling of absolute freedom and escape from the daily grind.


Zwitscherbox Relaxound Ocean box by Ethimaart


'Ivy' Vegan Leather Wooden Watch: 

For a Father’s Day gift that blends elegance with eco-consciousness, consider a vegan leather wooden watch from Ethimaart. Each timepiece in our collection is crafted from solid hardwood, showcasing the unique grains and textures of sustainably sourced wood. Our Ivy Collection, crafted from Zebrano wood  features Roman numeral dials that add a classic touch to the modern design, allowing the wood's personality to shine through.


'Ivy' Vegan Leather Wooden Watch minimal watch by Ethimaart Gift for Men and Father


Additionally, with each purchase, you contribute to planting a tree in areas of deforestation, making this an eco friendly choice. This Father’s Day, give your dad an effortlessly stylish and sustainable gift from Ethimaart. Choose a wooden watch that not only looks good but also supports the environment, an easy and thoughtful way to show your appreciation. 


'Ivy' Vegan Leather Wooden Watch by Ethimaart Gift for Men and Father


Maverick Ice Blue - Wooden Sunglasses:

For the adventurous dad who loves the great outdoors, daughters can surprise him with a pair of Maverick Ice Blue wooden sunglasses. Inspired by the classic wayfarer shape, these sunglasses are ideal for fathers who enjoy hiking, swimming, or just soaking up the sun on the beach. 


Maverick Ice Blue - Wooden Sunglasses by ethimaart gift for father


These sunglasses are not only stylish but also eco friendly. Each purchase contributes to planting a tree in areas of deforestation. This way, you can give back to the environment while giving your dad a gift he'll love.

The sunglasses come with a protective cork casing that folds perfectly into any bag or back pocket, keeping the frames safe when not in use. However, with their stunning design and practicality, your dad will never want to take them off.


Maverick Ice Blue - Wooden Sunglasses by ethimaart gift for father


Ethimaart's wooden sunglasses make for a thoughtful and practical Father’s Day gift, perfect for dads who love to explore the outdoors. Treat your adventurous father to a pair of our polarised ice blue sunglasses and let him enjoy his favorite activities in style.


Gemstone Bracelet: 

A gemstone bracelet from Ethimaart is a meaningful Father’s Day gift that any daughter can give to her dad. It is a thoughtful and meaningful Father’s Day gift, perfect for jewelry loving men. Each bracelet carries personal significance with its unique healing properties, catering to dads seeking stress relief, focus, or strength. 


Gemstone Bracelet mustard with crown gift for father


Find the perfect stone for your dad and choose from the variety of stones, including turquoise, crimson, mustard, black, tiger eye and the original aqeeq gemstone.

At Ethimaart, our gemstone bracelets are handcrafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, ensuring they are not just accessories but symbols of love and well being, ensuring they become cherished keepsakes for years to come. Give your dad a gift that resonates with positive energy and personal touch this Father’s Day. 

Incense Gift Box and Burner

Daughters, looking for a gift for dad who practices meditation? Spoil him with a serene experience. For dads who find peace in meditation, Ethimaart offers exquisite handcrafted chakra incense burners. These beautiful pieces are more than just decorations, they're designed to elevate his meditation practice.

Intricately carved soapstone creates a sense of natural calm, while the seven chakra design aligns with the body's energy centers. Each burner helps enhance focus and promote relaxation during meditation, allowing dads to deepen their connection to inner peace.

chakra incense gift set incense stick holder and burner gift for father

The chakra incense burners are designed to enhance the meditation experience, helping dads focus on their practice while enjoying the calming aroma of their favorite incense. Pair them with our incense gift boxes for a complete set that will elevate his daily rituals.

Cat Suncatcher Wind Chime: 

Looking for a unique Father's Day gift for your cat loving dad? Look no further than this colorful cat suncatcher wind chime with celestial mirrors. This handcrafted in India piece is a cat lover's delight, featuring playful dangling cat shapes and shimmering celestial mirrors that catch the sunlight, creating a mesmerizing display. 

cat wind chime gift for father

Its is a unique cat dad gift that Stands out from the crowd. It's a thoughtful and playful choice for any dad who shares his home with a feline friend. Additionally, Each wind chime is meticulously crafted in India, ensuring a one of a kind treasure that celebrates his love for cats and beautiful craftsmanship. 

The celestial mirrors create a captivating display of light and color, adding a touch of whimsy to his home. The dangling cat shapes will pique his cat's curiosity, providing endless amusement for both Dad and his furry companion.

Large Rainbow Ceramic Mug: 

This handcrafted mug from Thailand is a perfect gift for daughters who want to show Dad they care about the environment. The mug's durable construction ensures long lasting use, minimizing waste. It's a gift that's kind to the planet and kind to Dad. This eye catching design injects a touch of color and cheer into every sip, making it a perfect conversation starter. Imagine Dad's face lighting up as he starts his day with a dose of rainbow magic.

Large Rainbow Ceramic Mug gift for father on fathers day

This mug's unique design, comfortable hold, and generous size make it ideal for Dad to enjoy his coffee, tea, or any hot beverage. It also adds a touch of whimsy to any kitchen or dining area. This mug isn't just for Dad, it's a gift the whole family can cherish.

Natural Dye Gold Fish Table Cloth And Napkin Set:

Daughters, is your Dad the culinary maestro of the family? Does he whip up gourmet meals that leave everyone scraping their plates clean? This Father's Day, skip the usual grilling tools and aprons, it's time to find a gift that celebrates his passion for food and elevates his kitchen experience.

Natural Dye Gold Fish Table Cloth And Napkin Set block printing technique

For the chef dad who appreciates presentation as much as flavor, a Limited Edition hand dyed block printed cotton tablecloth and napkin set is a truly unique gift. Imagine his delight as his culinary creations take center stage against the vibrant, hand dyed patterns. This set isn't just functional, it's a conversation starter, a beautiful backdrop for every family meal that becomes a cherished memory.

Natural Dye Gold Fish Table Cloth And Napkin Set block printing technique

The beauty of this set lies in its handcrafted nature. Each piece is unique, with slight variations due to the traditional block printing technique. It's a reminder that even the most delicious dish has a story behind it, just like this hand crafted set. It celebrates the artistry and heritage that goes into every meal.

This Father's Day gift goes beyond the kitchen. By choosing a set made by skilled artisans in Pakistan and supporting fair wages, you're contributing to the preservation of a cultural tradition. It adds a touch of ethical consciousness to every meal, something any dad can appreciate.

 Making Father’s Day Extra Special

If you’re wondering how to spoil your dad on Father's Day, consider planning a day filled with his favorite activities. Start with a homemade breakfast, then perhaps a nature walk or a movie marathon featuring his favorite films. Complement these experiences with thoughtful gifts like a handmade leather journal for his reflections or handmade keyrings that add a personal touch to everyday items.

 handmade eco friendly paper leather journal notebook

Handmade Terracotta Bird Water Spike:

Daughters, looking for a unique Father's Day gift for the special man who's recently celebrated a milestone birthday, like his 60th or 70th? Even if Dad's already got all the grilling tools and gadgets he needs, this year, surprise him with a thoughtful present that combines his love for gardening with a touch of artistic flair.

Introducing the gift Dad didn't know he needed, A wildlife inspired water spike. It's perfect for dads with busy schedules. 

Handmade Terracotta Bird Water Spike

For the dad who enjoys gardening but struggles to find time for constant watering, this handcrafted terracotta bird water spike is a lifesaver. Simply fill it with water and insert it directly into the soil. The innovative design provides slow, drip feed irrigation, keeping plants healthy and hydrated. It's ideal for new apartment owners, busy professionals, or dads who travel frequently.

Handmade Terracotta Bird Water Spike

This gift goes beyond aesthetics. handmade by World Fair Trade Organisation approved artisans in Bangladesh, the terracotta bird is crafted with ethical practices and environmental responsibility in mind. It's the perfect choice for daughters who want to show Dad they care about the planet along with his gardening passion.


Making Every Father Feel Special

To make your dad feel special on Father's Day, consider small, unexpected gestures that show your appreciation. Preparing his favorite meal, planning a surprise outing, or even just spending the day doing his favorite activities can make a significant difference. 

Delivered Straight to Dad's Door (and Wrapped with Love!)

At Ethimaart, we make celebrating Dad easy. Browse our collection of unique and sustainable gifts, and we'll handle the rest! All Ethimaart orders can be conveniently delivered right to your dad's doorstep.

Want to add a personal touch?

We offer a variety of eco friendly gift wrapping options, and you can even request a handwritten card to accompany your gift. Just let us know your message at checkout, and we'll make sure your dad feels loved and appreciated on his special day.

eco friendly gift wrapping by ethimaart on fathers day

Celebrating Father’s Day in the UK

Father’s Day in the UK is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. Whether you’re planning a special day or looking for the perfect gift, this guide provides plenty of ideas to make Father’s Day unforgettable. Incorporate sustainable and eco friendly gifts to show your dad how much you care, while also supporting ethical practices.


father is celebrating special fathers day with his daughters at the beach

In conclusion, Father's Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate the dads in our lives. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift, planning a special day, or simply wanting to express your love and gratitude, this guide offers a variety of ideas to make this Father's Day memorable and meaningful. From sustainable gift options to practical items, you can find the perfect way to show your appreciation while staying eco conscious.

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