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Personalized 500 Count Original Aqeeq Tasbeeh

Personalized 500 Count Original Aqeeq Tasbeeh

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Premium 8mm- 500-Beads Aqeeq Gemstone Tasbeeh:

Experience the tranquility and spiritual upliftment that our 500-bead Aqeeq Gemstone Tasbeeh brings to your prayers. Crafted with high-quality materials binded with clear double fishwire and designed to elevate your spiritual journey, this tasbeeh is an exceptional tool for Muslims seeking a deeper connection with Allah.

  1. Experience deeper and extended meditation sessions with our 500-beads tasbeeh.
  2. Ideal for Muslims seeking profound spiritual reflection and mindfulness.
  3. Perfect for longer periods of dhikr (remembrance of Allah) during special occasions, Ramadan, and spiritual retreats.
  4. Crafted from Genuine Aqeeq Gemstone:
  5. Made with precision and care, our tasbeeh is crafted from authentic Aqeeq gemstone.
  6. Aqeeq's natural beauty and energy add to the spiritual significance of your prayer.
  7. Keep track of your prayers with ease, thanks to the extensive bead count.
  8. Maintain an uninterrupted count during lengthy supplications.

Customizable Gold plated Locket Options:

Personalize your tasbeeh with custom lockets featuring Allah's name, Ya Ali, Panjtan Paak, and Bismillah. Each locket is gold plated, tailored to your preferences.


Elevate your gifting with our Aqeeq Gemstone Tasbeeh:

Perfect as an Eid gift, Ramadan gift, or a thoughtful gift idea for both men and women.
Crafted with meticulous care, it's a cherished present that symbolizes spirituality and devotion.

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