Chakra Incense Cones


Please let me know which ones would you like.
1. Aura Cleansing
2. Chakra
3. White Musk

You will need a backflow cones burner to use these cones. These will give a perfect smoke waterfall effect when burning.
You can check our Buddha waterfall especially designed for backflow cones:,stats:true/889589925

A relatively high quantity of natural powders boosts the cones ability to produce smoke when ignited at the top of a backflow burner. The small opening in the cone’s center traps slightly cooler air which mingles with the smoke and flows effortlessly downstream, creating an intense ‘waterfall’ effect. Allow up to 10 minutes after lighting for the display to establish and watch as mesmerizing smoke falls and drifts into dreamy mist pools. Recommended for those who like a soft fragrance, musk is considered to have aphrodisiac properties. It smells earthy and woody, yet seductive, creating a sensuous, sultry mood. It is now one of the most popular fragrances in the world. The earthy, woody scent of white musk is considered to have aphrodisiac properties and creates a sensuous, sultry setting. It is also recommended for those who like a gentle, mystical fragrance to enhance mental focus.

Hand Crafted In India


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