Ethimaart is the place for you!

If you are looking for beautiful handmade crafts and gifts from artists globally, support craftsmanship and embrace authenticity, and care for the people and planet at the same time

It’s an online curated marketplace to find ethical brands, specialized in modern crafts and gifts, defined by authenticity and originality. We aim to bring you a collection of hand picked gifts, jewelry, home and other lifestyle products which are beautifully handmade, build to last long and to express the story of the maker.

These products are limited edition, one-of-a-kind, unique to each other and make it special for every one of you out there.

We work with individuals, artists and small brands, who are working hard to preserve the rare skills of handmade products, inspired by traditional craftsmanship which is disappearing in today’s age of fast fashion. 

We also ensure to be transparent in our business practices and provide as much detail as possible, about where the product is coming from and who are the makers.

At the same time, our mission is to keep people and planet in the forefront and make sure every product that we sell is ethically sourced and fulfilled by the time it reaches out to our customers. It is certainly not possible to be 100% ethical in our business practices. However, we make sure our services are carried out in an ethical way consists of social, economic and legal standards. 

Our makers