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8 Unique Ethical Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Father On This Fathers Day

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sustainable wooden watch for men

Father’s day is coming soon and we get to celebrate the person who was our very first hero. So you go on and ask him upfront what he wants for this Father’s day, so you can spoil him for the day like he has done to you his entire life. But he smiles at you and says he wants nothing. Of course, he says he wants nothing, that’s soo dad! But we have something planned for him that is sure to be one of the most memorable gifts that he’s received. Get ready to pamper, appreciate and shower your dad with lots of love and presents from our shop that will sure to bring a huge smile to his face.

Discover range of ethically made fathers day gifts on our online Ethimaart shop

Our shop has a range of Ethical gifts for fathers day. We say ethical because we have acquired our products by fair trade means and we promote both local and global craftsmanship. We embrace new and unique ideas and act responsibly towards nature. This Father’s day, get the best gift for your dad that brings joy to him and the planet as well.

  1. Ethical Mens Wallet In Brown Leather 

So if your dad’s anything like the dad mentioned above (or even more awesome) he probably uses wallets for years, which, honestly, can lead to a lot of wear and tear. So it’s not like if you got him something once it’s going to last a lifetime. So make sure you sneak into his room when he’s asleep and check if he needs one. and our guess that he does, then your next step should be to place an order at ethimaart

This is not your typical leather wallet. It has beautiful rainbow embroidered chevrons going through the middle, both catchy and sophisticated. The medium-sized bi-fold wallet would fit easily into the pockets and fits the bills perfectly. Eight slots for cards and two portions for cash. You can view the full description with a photo here


Mens Wallet In Brown Leather

2. 16″ Laptop Briefcase Shoulder Bag

This is just the number two in the list and it already feels like finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is a daunting task. After all, we don’t want to disappoint our best guy on his day. You can choose a laptop bag for him. Limited stock available at here

It’s a briefcase shoulder bag, uniquely created by using recycled handwoven fabric and given a leather finish. It has a perfect feel and finish and acquired responsibly by fair trade means from artisans in Pakistan. It’s a universal size and will fit almost all sized laptops and gears. It comes with a shoulder strap with two main pockets and zipper pocket in the front and inside.

16" Laptop Briefcase Shoulder Bag


3. Aztek Design Carved Wall Hook

If your Father is into crafts and handmade items, you can surprise him with ethical gifts for fathers day from this unique piece from Saharanpur, a place well known for its woodcraft productions. This piece is a beautifully handcrafted carved wall hook that will grab his attention. Not all gifts are destined to end up in drawers for an indefinite period; some presents can be pretty and useful. So give your dad this pretty useful crafted hook this Father’s day. It comes with five hooks that would be useful for a personal closet, study, or office.


Aztec Design Carved Wall Hook


4. Handcarved Soapstone Buddha Incense Burner 

Buddha Incense holder is another beautifully handcrafted stone piece that you can give as a present this Father’s day. Apart from being a perfect home decoration item, Buddha incense burner is also used to purify the air and as a home fragrance and also suitable for yoga and meditation. We get our soapstone incense burners all the way from Agra. The place is known for the century-old technique of soapstone work, as can be seen, illustrated in the Taj Mahal.

Hand Carved Soapstone Buddha Incense Burner


5. Handcarved Wooden Box Daisy 

This cute little wooden box would surely be an unusual gift. This box could be a stand-alone present, or it could be a box with a surprising small gift in it, a piece of jewelry, or cufflinks or tie pins. This box is made from sustainable mango wood imported all the way from India by skilled craftsman by ethical and fair trade means. It has a lovely whitewash finish with intricate carvings that can be perfect for his library, his study, or maybe on his dresser.

Handcarved Wooden Box Daisy


6. Aches And Pain Himalayan Salts Bath 

Another item that made to the list of unique Ethical gifts for fathers day is Bath Salt. These are locally made in the UK and is a perfect gift with a message: relax dad! This is an excellent relaxing bathing salt with 84 minerals, raw, unprocessed and unrefined. It is free from fragrance, or colour, or any parabens or sulphate. It’s a natural product that greatly aids in calming nerves and treating mild body aches and is a fantastic stress reliever –something our father’s could really use.

Aches And Pain Himalayan Salts Bath


7. Yoga Salt Lamp

Another thoughtful gift item for this father’s day is the Himalayan Salt Lamp. We know that this doesn’t really come to mind when you are buying gifts for your dad, but trust us, this one is a good present. All the colors in the lamp are natural and vary between white and orange, pink and sometimes a mix in between. A heated salt lamp releases negative ions which purify the surrounding air. It’s a beautiful piece of decoration that has therapeutic qualities with a warm glow. So surprise him with a positive ambiance with this salt lamp for his study or office.


Yoga salt lamp


8. Leather Owl Notebook, Handmade Paper

This gift is probably one of our favorites from the list, and we had saved it for last. It’s a pocket-sized notebook made in India. It’s a finely crafted leather-bound notebook with handmade paper. This paper is made from cotton waste from the Indian garment industry. This notebook doesn’t use any wood in its production process and is responsibly made with respect to the environment. It’s a lovely ethical gift for fathers day. What more? You can create a handwritten note just for him and send your love his way with this beautiful handcrafted gift.

Leather Owl Notebook, Handmade Paper



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