Under each product, you will see these ethical standards set by us in simple words. This explains what ethical processes the product has gone through

handmade gift


This product is not part of a mass production but has been manufactured by craftsman using their skills and techniques with love and dignity.


The manufacture or the development of the product must not contain any animal product, by product or any derivative such as leather silk or wool.


This product has been made by recycling waste materials to create something new.


The product is made from materials which are produced by organic culture. These products are free from antibiotics, genetically modified organisms or fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients.

Fairly made

The product has been manufactured under improved working conditions and the artists or the makers are paid at least national minimum living wage or more.

Eco-friendly ink

The product have been manufactured using ecofriendly ink which is free from harmful environmental hazards and chemicals. Eco friendly ink does not even pollute soil and water when they reach landfills.

Chemical Free

The product is free from artificial chemicals and is environmentally friendly, healthy and contains only natural ingredients.